Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Spoiler Alert: the "Entity" that they wrote the album about is actually the moon.  It turns out it was all a dream!
I love Origin.  I'm all about technical brutal death metal (or at least I used to be), and Origin is the best technical brutal death metal band there is.  I know what you're saying, too.  You're saying "There not bettr then Wormed lol U sukk."  Shut up, cretin.  Just because I like death metal bands that write good songs and have intelligible riffs and I don't sit around playing Call of Duty: Black Ops all day with a gaggle of swearing ten year olds doesn't mean that I'm not smarter than you.  I actually am, and you should be listening up, because Origin probably wrote the death metal album of the year.  And that's even if Necrophagist finally releases their new album, which they won't, but I think we can all agree that with all the hype and time it's taking Necrophagist to finally put out a new album, the album is probably going to suck.  I'll still totally listen to it, but it's going to suck for sure.

Sorry, Necrophagist.

Anyway, if you're like me, there's nothing quite like an album that promotes that super shreddy note diarrhea that we guitarists love so much, and Entity, like predecessors Antithesis and Echoes of Decimation before it, delivers that boiling hot note diarrhea in spades.  It's like a musical Chipotle burrito; you indulge in the burrito and before you know it you've got the most satisfying fiery hot diarrhea of your life, and all you can think of is how happy you are.  Except in this case, you're firing a boiling stream of shredding riffs and brutal slams out of your ass, ejecting it in an extremely satisfying and seemingly endless cascade of notes.  When it's all done you're drained and satisfied, and you feel like you should go find some milk to drizzle in your buttcrack to try and dampen that residual burn so that you can get back to your day.

You know what I'm saying?

I was a big fan of Antithesis ("Wrath of Vishnu," FTW), and Entity delivers in all the same ways, but better.  Paul Ryan is apparently filled to the brim with widdly-widdly riffs, and if you're unnaturally interested in drummers who can play really fucking well, like I am (I always wanted to be a drummer), look no further than John Longstreth, but I think if you've heard of Origin before that you already know all about that.

It turns out that Origin had another totally sweet album inside of them the whole time, and if you're worried about their new singer Jason Keyser (ex-Skinless [\m/]), have no fear; he rules and has great stage banter.  And I like, as a change of pace, that he would announce the songs in a normal voice so that you could understand what song he said they were playing next.  That's a surprising choice for such a brutal band, but I loved it.

I insist that you listen to Entity, so go steal it or, better yet, purchase it from the shopkeep at your local music store.  Because you know that they haven't seen a person in their store for quite some time, (thank you, Mediafire!) and it's a really edifying experience to make their day by walking through the door and buying something.  Believe me; I did it once and I felt like the greatest human alive, like I had cured cancer or prepaid for a thousand low-income women to have abortions.  
"This one's on the house, lady.  Courtesy of that gentleman sitting over there."  (I nod my head at her nonchalantly)
I'm a humanitarian!


Go steal Origin.

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