Thursday, April 28, 2011

Send MeThings (Via Email), Like Pat Lukens

I love it when people send me things on the internet.  Band demos, videos, pictures of bears; it's not that important what it is, because I just like to see things that aren't fake job solicitations or (for some reason) blueberries that "grow themselves!"  Seriously, has anybody seen that in their spam filter, or is it just me that's getting those ridiculous emails?

Anyway, Pat Lukens--from the original party worms Cut Your Teeth--did the right thing today and sent me a sweet new cut that he posted on Youtube.  In addition to inflating my already bloated sense of self-importance, this gave me the opportunity to not have to rely on my CD collection or music that I stole off the interbung to generate content for this pointless blog.

Sweet relief!

At any rate, I watched the video a couple of times, and it' interesting thing for a metal d00d to be doing.  The song is apparently a Kpop song, Kpop being, obviously, the colloquial term for Korean Pop music (which is, incidentally, way better than the pop music in America.  Yes, I listened to the original song).  The original artist is something called 2ne1, which appears to be either a lady or some manner of dance troupe.  I'm not going to do that much Googling for this, and if you think that's lazy and stupid, you've obviously never read this blog before.

Also, you're lazy and stupid.  And a pee-pee.

Pat has taken it upon himself to 1) listen to this music in the first place (which is, realistically, the most flummoxing part of this whole affair), and 2) write and record new backing music for the track, keeping only the vocals and the newly incongruous music video as evidence that it was once a different beast.  At least I'm pretty sure the music is new, since I'm pretty familiar with Cut Your Teeth's canon of music and I can't identify any of the tasty riffage as something I've heard off either of their two releases.  I like Pat's version better, and I'll tell you why.  For one thing, his version strokes my D-boner, which is my favorite boner to have stroked by another man.  Okay, fine, second favorite.

Wait, is this on the internet?

Next, the music is heavy and thrashy, and the fast D-boner-stroking part has this bouncy, staccato vocal line that sounds really otherworldly with the new music behind it.  It doesn't make for good pop music in the way that normal, functional members of society would regard pop music, but it's what I and my fellow social retards would consider "Top Choice."  And I particularly like the part around 1:15, where the girl is for some reason sitting inside of a giant playing card because I think the interplay between the vocals and the guitar line are highly effective, and retain the catchy nature of the Kpop song's original incarnation.

That's a really fucking weird thing to have just typed.  I feel all...gross.

Anyway, take a listen to what Pat Lukens apparently does with his spare time, because it's surprisingly palatable and weird.  For your convenience, I've embedded the original (well, possibly original) version of the song here.  It's something else, all right.

Since I can't find the Pat Lukens Remix to embed, I'll have to just let you follow your nose to it.  Inexplicably, there are no less than 10 "dance cover" videos that pop right up when I try to embed, but not the video with the verbatim title that I just put into the search engine.


Listen to Cut Your Teeth also.

Thanks Pat!

Addendum:  if you read the title of this post to mean that you should personally start sending me your band's demo, you read that correctly.  I get bored easily and enjoy this feeling of  having something to talk about fly out of the ether an land on my fat, stupid face.  If it helps, get drunk first.  People who deny that alcohol is, in fact, courage liquified are wrong and aren't your friends at all.  It feels lame to say it so blatantly at the end of a Cut Your Teeth related post, but I'm just going to do it anyway.  And if you decide to send me a data mining virus, you're just going to be bummed out by how many pictures of dicks I have floating around on my hard drive, and how little money I have.

Because I make blogger money.

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