Thursday, December 30, 2010

Stopgap Post to Tide You Over Until I Sober Up, or, A Personal New Year's Greeting from Monsoon Fucking Cobra

This last work day of 2010 has brought many great joys and illuminated great sorrows in my life and in the lives of those who are close to me.  Great joys: company sanctioned champagne toasts that lead to all of us drinking 15 bottles of champagne on the clock, followed by cooking fettucini alfredo and (for some reason) revisiting the feature film Tales from the Hood.  Great sorrows: not getting enough sleep last night, and discovering far too late in your working life the joys of drinking with your boss while you get paid.  What a world.

This is only a short post to remind you that I am still here and will be doing some major league posting tomorrow, which will be followed by a booze-induced silence that will continue into early next week.  With my wife finally home, I guess it can be argued that my routine has stabilized to the point where I'm at least showering regularly again, and that's good enough.

Tommorrow is the Agalloch post, and I'm also going to go visit Waterloo Records for my own entertainment, so keep your eyes out for some unexpected surprise posts (!!!) that might even make me stare vacantly and say " (asteroid hits the earth)."  Let's have an adventure this weekend and remember: in Texas, it's No Refusal Weekend, which means they'll suck your blood out like non-faggy-actually-evil vampires.  However, in California, it's just regular old Friday, which means there will be DUI checkpoints every 300-600 yards on every major street with officers who accuse you of "being a smartass."

I'll see you at least a couple times tomorrow, and don't get popped, you lovably crusty heshers you.

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