Friday, December 31, 2010

New Vinyl Roundup--Disfear & Doomriders--Split

Today I took my first trip to Waterloo Records in downtown Austin in quite a while.  I love going there, because they are probably the only independent record store I've ever been to that not only carries a plethora of underground music ripe for the picking, but they have entire sections devoted to most bands that you wouldn't see anywhere for any reason (there's an entire AIDS Wolf section there.  Where have you ever seen an AIDS Wolf record?).  They also have a pretty respectable vinyl selection that runs the gamut from too old and stupid for anyone to care anymore to too obscure and stupid for anyone to care ever.  It was while perusing the metal vinyl section (which is amazingly small considering the rest of the place is packed with metal goodness) that I found something that I've been salivating over for quite some time: the Disfear/Doomriders Split 7".  "Oh my word," I thought to myself "it has been a little while since I got my D-boner stroked nice and proper."  And yes, several minutes is my definition of "a little while."

I won't bore you with the details of my delightful shopping trip (since you'll likely see almost everything I bought posted up here in the next couple of weeks), but I made off with some really good stuff, and I was finally going to have more Disfear products to rub all over my sweaty, greasy body, so I was/am feeling pretty good.  Now, on to the music.

Disfear and Doomriders each contributed just one scant track apiece to the split, but they each contributed some good stuff to justify my $6.  Disfear's track comes out swinging, but surprised me with the windy emptiness of Tomas Lindberg's vocals, especially compared to Live the Storm, Misanthropic Generation, and anything that At The Gates ever put out.  But the music is an out of control D-beat rocket to hell with the welcome addition of some more open chord voicings that fill the musical space a little better than their normal punked-out heavy metal power chord attack does.  It's a veritable extravaganza of D-boner heavy petting, all wet and glistening and hypersensitive to temperature fluctuations.

Doomriders, the side project of Converge's own Nate Newton, contribute a solid mid-tempo song to the record.  This is my first musical exposure to Doomriders, and I like what I hear.  They conjure images of Struck by Lightning toying with Iron Maiden-style NWOBHM twin guitar attacks and pomp.  It's probably about high time I checked out their full-length album, but I've been sworn away from Waterloo Records for a while (spending $100 in one trip and mistaking the female cashier for a man makes me want to stay away from there anyway), so I'll just have to make do with what I have and keep spinning this on my fancy new turntable apparatus.

On top of two excellent songs, the Split also doubles as a badass poster that I would put on my wall if I didn't have such a poor track record of poster retention post-hanging.  They always rip!

I wanted to do one more post today, but since my wife decided that she wanted to spend the day psychologically torturing me I've decided to call this good until next week.  And come next week, you'll be able to expect Withered and Coliseum album reviews, as well as the second installment of Since You Didn't Ask Me, where I'll be examining the kvltroversy surrounding the virtues and downfalls analog media versus digital media.

Everyone have a great, beer-fueled New Years, and don't be an asshole.  Get a designated driver or get drunk at home alone, sitting in the bathroom in the dark (like me.  No DUI's, no way, no how!).

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