Friday, June 29, 2012

Mouthful of Acid is Live Again!

Good/boring news, everybody who is still looking at this blog for some reason!

I've decided not to shutter this little affair of mine in favor of moving forward in my quest to make stupid boner jokes and talk endlessly about music.  I know that things have been really slow lately, but that was just because of an inescapable malaise that I've been feeling.  It's mostly passed, and I've decided that I prefer being really busy to sitting around watching Frasier reruns (which I love but don't fulfill me in the least), so I'm going to be writing again and telling you what I'm listening to as if anybody cares anywhere ever!

What glorious luck for you!

So in the spirit of actually doing something other than sitting around in a cloud of my own Indian food farts (which are enough to make me leave a room in which I'm sitting by myself, and any self respecting person knows that your own farts have to be really fucking heinous to make you leave the room), the shutters are open.  Perhaps at this point I'm just a ghost, but I'm going to haunt you for my own edification, just like I did when I started this dumb blog a couple of years ago.

Monsoon Cobra, Esq.

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