Thursday, August 4, 2011

Listen To This Right Now

Introducing the newest and hottest podcast on the Interbung, the Will and Andy Show.  If you're one of my faithful readers (all two of you), you know that my posting habits started off nice and consistent.  I built a good base for traffic using only boner jokes and talking about taking a crap, and then I one day realized that writing like that is really difficult.  And it saps the creativity from my countless other endeavors, such as playing guitar and pretending that I'm not drunk.

It's a difficult balance to strike.

But I've also been doing other interesting things, and this is one of them.  I've jumped on board with Will, nee The WZA'd, better known as 8===D, to create the poorly named Will and Andy show for the listening pleasure of my Internet audience, as well as whoever the hell else for whatever reason would care to listen to us talk shit about metal or whatever.  Since I've been so busy sitting around doing nothing while Will edits the podcast and does all of the site stuff, it's been tough for me to find things to post about.  It doesn't help that my coworkers only like to listen to 2pac and dubstep, either.  In fact, I listen to dubstep so much that I could start a dubstep blog, and I would consider it if I didn't know that every review would be a verbose way of saying "I hate dubstep so very much."

But I digress.

The Will and Andy show has it all, from talking about peeing and boners and stuff, to probably something else.  I don't know; I'm kind of a one-trick pony.  Since I'm also very squirmy about listening to myself on recordings and things, I have no idea if it's funny, and I refuse to listen to it ever.  But other people have said great things about it, and some of those people weren't joking (possibly).  Check out these rave reviews:

"This isn't...horrible...WHAT'S THAT ON THE WALL?!??"--Tom, shortly before escaping my apartment for some reason.

"I can't sit here and listen to you waste your life on this."--My mom

"Who is this?  I'm calling the police!"--Brian Posehn, when I called him.

"The Will and Andy Show is a tour de force rollercoaster ride full of thrills, chills, and spi--HELP, HE HAS A GUN, HE'S GOING TO KILL ME!"--Some uncooperative guy in my sex dungeon*.

So there you have it.  The Will and Andy Show is a tour de force!

Listen to it here if you dare.

*Note: Nobody from my sex dungeon was harmed in the making of this podcast review.

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