Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Best of the Year So Far

In keeping with my lack of creativity and overall laziness, I've decided to jump on the bandwagon and publish a short list of stuff that I've been supremely pumped on this year so far.  Most of this stuff will come as no surprise to people who know me and/or read this stupid, pointless blog of mine, but I'm bored and I need to start posting up here again to make myself feel productive and smart.

It seems to me like the year 2011 is a year for grind.  I've been totally pumped on grindcore all year (so far), and the trend doesn't appear to have an end in sight.  Crust has made a fair showing (like it always does), and the last couple of months have shown me a rekindling of my interest in technical death metal, which I had stepped away from at some point in the last two years in order to sate my teenage need for crusty, hateful hardcore.  But it would seem that grind rules the roost as of right now, with a couple of surprise contenders in there for flavor (i.e. bands whose albums I liked way better than I thought I would).

With the advent of certain musical services who I have been publicly pimping super hard, and which I shall not name here for the sake of sanity (*coughcheckitoutherecough*).  And seriously, the company who runs the service in question should seriously be paying me, because I don't ever stop talking about it for any reason.  I imagine that I'm like some kind of autistic three year old, talking endlessly about trains or vacuum cleaners or Harry Potter or something.

Because autistic kids know all about that kind of shit.

All of this is obviously up in the air, and there's really no telling what my year end list will actually look like.  Maybe I'll somehow get really into that powerviolence stuff that 8===D is always waving at me every time we hang out.  Or maybe I'll become re-enamored with power metal (it could happen.  It won't, but it could).  However, the way things are stacking up, these are my contenders for my Top X Number of Albums of the Year list, in no particular order.

Victims--A Dissident

Rotten Sound--Cursed


Anaal Nathrakh--Passion

Trap Them--Darker Handcraft

Abysmal Dawn--Leveling the Plane of Existence

Decapitated--Carnival is Forever

Blut Aus Nord--777 Sect(s)

Ulcerate--The Destroyers of All





Protest the Hero--Scurrilous

Additional consideration will be given to albums that are going to come out this year (or albums that might; I don't have a lot of time before work to see what's going to come out when so that I can compile a legit list), including anything that Opeth puts out, any new Cut Your Teeth that might surface, and Black Breath's new album, which I have no idea what the release date is on it, but I can almost guarantee that I'm going to love it like it was my own.  Additionally, I would like to implore the following bands to make and release new records this year, because everybody's been talking about them doing that for a while and they never seem to.  I'm talking about:




Pig Destroyer

Step it up, guys.  I have lots of disposable income that is all being funneled to...sigh...a bedframe and entertainment center to make me and my wife look more like grown adults.  Please.

What did I miss?  What should I give consideration to?  Am I missing something so obvious that it makes me look like an ill-informed n00b boner?

Tell me in the comments.

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