Thursday, March 3, 2011

Additional Immortal Pictures

 The original band name for Immortal was The Norwegian Dreams, but they couldn't sell the accompanying teen sitcom to any Norwegian television networks, so they went with their second choice, which was The Beastie Boys.  When they found that was taken, they settled on Immortal.

A friend of mine sent me a different writeup of the Immortal show the other day.  That dude was way more knowledgeable than me on the subject of Immortal, and he used significantly more $10 words than I could even conjure if I had an actually active imagination (curse you television!) and a dictionary that yelled words at me.  It turns out that, while I was meandering around in a whiskey-induced haze, there were several people who dropped beer bottles and then injured themselves on the broken glass once the impromptu mosh pit inevitably broke out.  I was curious about how I got someone else's blood on me; now I know that everybody was likely just as stinko as I was (which would also explain why so few people gave me the business for being as stinko as I was).  So, I guess the mystery has been solved and replaced by a whole new, much more sexy mystery: namely, which kind of hepatitis did I contract by falling all over someone's blood they forgot at the show?

Incidentally, I made several new friends that fateful night, and one of them, Josh Dawkins from Lions of Tsavo (namedrop, bitch!) sent me some additional pictures from that evening.  Since I haven't been writing very much lately, a result of having to expend my creative juices elsewhere for a brief time, I decided to add some more Immortal pictures to the pile.

Gratuitous Guitar-firing-a-laser shot.

"I hope they can feel my grim frown; I'm doing it really fucking hard."
Immortal didn't have a fog machine.  This effect was achieved through the collective marijuana smoke of San Antonio.
 Right before the show ended, nobody was capable of seeing with their eyes due to the smoke in the air.  Several people died of smoke inhalation that night; they will be remembered as pussies.
Thanks Josh for hunting down my email address, which I didn't realize wasn't easy to find (it's now visible on my profile, and I'm waiting to see how that pans out).


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  1. I want to read this other writeup you speak of.