Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Brief Introduction and Un-Needed History

The other night I was getting my drink whiskey on, a standard activity for me on any given Friday night.  Having been underemployed for the last few months, I was searching for something the internet could do for me that wouldn't cost me any money whatsoever; I had blown my entertainment budget for the month on my bottle of Seagram's 7.  I had also been burning time and staving off the crushing despair that comes with working a crappy commission-only sales job and making literally no money for two months by exploring the myriad albums that I had listened to during the year 2010 and putting them in a list from best to worst.  That's right.  I had caught the Top Ten Albums of the Year list fever that invades the webmosphere and Decibel Magazine's pages at the end of every calendar year.  I posted it on my Facebook, because I was getting a solid buzz going by the time I finished it and I thought people might care what I have to say about a bunch of albums that they will never listen to.  Encouraged by friends' reactions, I started this ridiculous blog today, for no good reason, and I assume that nobody will ever read it.  But I don't care about that;  I just wanna ROCK and RAGE, like this:

Hell yeah.

My second post will be a reproduction of my Top Ten List in its entirety, because I don't have anything else planned to post about right now.

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